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My Credentials

Content is based on over 35 years of experience as a professional liability claims examiner and manager addressing thousands of scenarios that architects and engineers have faced since 1980.  Preparation for this experience included degrees in Civil Engineering and Law and admission to the Illinois State Bar.

In December of 2015 I completed a 40 hour Mediation Skills Training program offered by the Center for Conflict Resolution in Chicago.  In addition to a detailed discussion of the principles of interest based conflict resolution, this intense program included ample opportunity to practice the skills needed for providing competent mediation and conflict resolution services.

More detailed information about my professional credentials is available at LinkedIn.

Objectives of this Website

The intent of this website is to share professional experience of contributors as well as my own experience.  My experience was gained in addressing professional liability claims on behalf of a leading insurer of professionals including Architects and Engineers. Experience included liability risk evaluation, pre-claim assistance, investigation, evaluation, negotiation, participation in mediations, and supervision of defense counsel representing insureds in the more formal dispute resolution forums of arbitration and court litigation. Claims involved a wide variety of projects including single family residences, land development, wastewater treatment plants, hospitals, educational facilities, industrial plants, and a variety of public works to mention a few.  We hope that this website will shed light on and encourage discussion of risk management and dispute resolution for design professionals and others involved in the planning, design and construction of a variety of capital projects.

Others involved in planning, design, construction, and maintenance of various kinds of facilities are encouraged to join in sharing their experience and making their services available for the general good and improvement of the professions of architecture and engineering.

You are encouraged to submit comments on the posted articles, submit articles for publication, and share suggestions for improving this website so that these objectives can be further pursued .

Website Upgrade - October 2

As of October 2016 this website is being upgraded both as to appearance and function.  As to appearance it will speak for itself.  As to function the improvements include:

  • Easier access to the variety of topics covered by providing a short lead in followed by a "read more" link;
  • Menu access to a list of all posts showing the brief lead in text;
  • A Search feature allowing topical searches of the website;
  • A Sign In feature to facilitate
    • posting of comments about the topics covered;
    • receipt of a periodic newsletter notifying of the latest posts;
  • Improved Contact information to facilitate
    • comments on improving the website;
    • contributing articles by those willing to share relevant experience.

Articles submitted will be reviewed and possibly edited before posting. If revisions are deemed appropriate the writer will be given an opportunity to review suggested revisions before an article is posted. An article will not be posted without writer approval of the final draft.

Submittal of articles for posting needs to be accompanied by a brief bio showing credentials. Writers will be given by-line credit, the brief bio will be posted, we will provide a link to their email address, and we will allow them to post their business card associated with that article.

Offering Professional Services

In order to cover the cost of maintaining this website we will allow appropriate service professionals to post their business cards in exchange for either having their article posted or payment of $50. The business cards will be posted near the submitted and posted article or adjacent to other articles covering topics related to the service offered.  For example, articles dealing with mediation can be accompanied by business cards of mediators with relevant experience.  Articles dealing with  litigation related decisions can be accompanied by business cards of attorneys who have relevant experience. Articles dealing with construction delays and cost overruns can be accompanied by business cards of experts in addressing such issues. If you are interested in contributing material for publication or just posting your business card please send me a note at aeissues@gmail.com.

Sharing of Information

Sharing of this information by forwarding links through Social Media is encouraged and facilitated. However, copying and use of text or other material published on this website is in violation of copyright laws. All material is copyrighted.

Disclaimer - as to all content appearing at this website please note: 

This website and all content expresses ideas for consideration and should not be taken as recommendations applicable to any specific situation.  When making a decision on how to address a specific situation, consulting with an experienced attorney is recommended. By viewing this website, its content or logging in to make further use of its features you are acknowledging and agreeing to this disclaimer.

Thank you.

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