Architect Engineer Client Categories and Characteristics

Architect or engineer clients can have a variety of characteristics. Understanding client categories and their characteristics can be important to success.  Here are some thoughts on this topic. Knowledge can be passed on either through distilling many experiences into organized principles or by studying many case histories.  Experience shows that each issue that an architect …Read Full Post

Overview of Architect and Engineer Issues

Technical competence is only one of the elements of the successful practice or architecture or engineering.  Other concerns include marketing, contract negotiation and administration, managing client relationships, risk management, dispute resolution, and others. Here is an overview of some considerations of interest. We can begin by noting that this discussion focuses on the providing of …Read Full Post

Design Service Contracts

Any service – and especially a service that can become as complex as those provided by architects and engineers – needs to begin with a mutual understanding of many details.  Design service contracts deserve and receive a lot of attention. Here are some key considerations for entering into a design service agreement. The design service …Read Full Post