The practice of architecture or engineering involves much more than technical know how. Our mission here is to explore many of the non technical issues that architects and engineers encounter. We hope you will share your experiences and thoughts on AE Issues by sending us your comments. Following is an outline of such issues with …Read Full Post

Risk Transfer by Contract

Design and construction contracts perform several functions. One of these is the allocation of risks among the participants on a project. Identifying and providing for a variety of risks is an important aspect of drafting and negotiating contracts. Broad Risk Transfer Provisions One of the broad risk transfer tools is “hold harmless and indemnify” language. …Read Full Post

Contracts Primer for Architects and Engineers

Design Professionals live in a world of contracts. Service contracts and construction contracts are closely related to their work. They also come across insurance contracts both as they relate to their own risk management as well as performing work paid for by insurers. Definitions of Contract “Contract” can be defined in several ways.  The simplest …Read Full Post

Project Delivery Models

Design and communication of detailed instructions to those who build have been evolving for a long time. In an earlier post Building Information Modeling (BIM) was discussed as perhaps the latest technology facilitating this aspect of taking projects from concept to reality.  As computer technology for detailing and communicating project design changes, questions arise about …Read Full Post